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Public Works/Water&Sewer

Public Works Department - 
Sanitation/Trash, Street, Water & Sewer

The Public Works Department performs many of the important functions for the Town. 

The following are just a few of the services performed:   maintenance, storm water systems management, street maintenance, street sign maintenance, public right-of-way mowing, yard waste collection, furniture pick-up, special event cleanup, water services, and sewer services.


•  Please put grease in the trash can and NOT down the sink.  Grease down the sink will hurt your plumbing, town infrastructure, and pollute the environment.

•  Only flushable items should be placed in toilets.

Yard Rubbish Guidelines

Yard rubbish as a collectable waste includes grass clippings, leaves, garden and hedge trimmings and ordinary accumulations of tree prunings.  Your cooperation is requested in the collecting of yard rubbish by placing it near the curb or on the Town right-of-way.  Rubbish accumulated as a result of repairs to buildings or construction operations is the responsibility of disposal by the household or contractor and the Waste Management does not provide such pick-up.

Such items as tree limbs, no larger than 4” or longer than 6’, brush, leaves, rocks, brick, cement building blocks not painted or other substances accumulated as a result of repair or working in the yards should not be placed in the refuse container but should be placed on the curb in accordance with the pick-up of yard rubbish for the purpose of collection by Town Maintenance.

The household is responsible for the placement of rubbish along the curb so that a SAFETY HAZARD is not created.  CAUTION:  Do not place yard rubbish along the curb so as to prevent the flow of water or deny sight to vehicle traffic.

Collection of dirt, turf, rocks, trade waste, building materials and like materials or by-products generated by a contractor will not be picked up by the Town Maintenance.

All trimmings done by contractors or tree surgeons will not be picked up by the Town Maintenance.

 Load of brush:  First Load Free

Each additional load  $25.00

 Furniture:  $25.00 per load

Derrick Toomer &    Jerry McIver
      Maintenance/Public works 

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