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Morven Development Ordinance

This is the Morven Development Ordinance and Land Use page

Planning Board and Adjustment Committee Appointees

Sworn into Office February 24,2023

Katrina Carr (Chairperson) 3-year term
Casey Butler    3-year term
James Flowers III    2-year term
Janet Peguese   2-year term
Alvis Snow (Vice-Chairperson) 3-year term
Huston Pratt (Alternate)  


Reading Guide:
Administrative & Procedural

Article 1 Purpose & Authority
Article 3 Definitions
Article 4 Planning Board & Board of Adjustments
Article 5 Amendments
Article 6 Variance & Appeals
Article 7 Permits & Procedures
Article 14 Flexible Development Standards
Article 22 Non-conformities
Article 23 Administration & Enforcement 
State & Federal Mandates or Equivalent
Article 18 Flood Damage Prevention
Article 19 Watershed Protection
Article 20 Erosion & Sedimentation Control

Standards and Specifications for Achieving Desired Character of the Town
Article 2 General Standards & Specifications (for all District)
Article 15 Special Events & Temporary Structures
Article 11 Landscape Requirements & Tree Protection
Article 12 Parking
Article 17 Sign Regulations
Article 13 Streets
Article 16 Subdivisions
Article 21 Open Space
Article 9 Building & Lot Type Standards
Article 10 Uses w/Additional Standards & Special Uses

Article 8 Zoning Districts and Table 8.1-Sections 1-3 of Listed Uses

Additional Documents
Official Zoning Map
Statements of Consistency and Reasonableness
Technical Standards & Specifications Manual
Board of Adjustments Rules of Procedure
Planning Board Rules of Procedure
Utility Allocation & Extension Policy

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